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A note from dealers Jan and Greg Buhler of Atlantic Custom Homes:

This magnificent custom Classic Countryside was built by a lovely couple for their children and grandchildren to enjoy. It started with a purchase of a house on a pristine lake in the Berkshires. The house was torn down to make room for the new one – 6,000 square feet of living space. The house includes a walk-out basement, six bedrooms and five bathrooms, with everything a child (or adult) would love – movie theater, game room, pool, fishing, canoeing and kayaking and finishing off the day with smores around the fire pit.

We are thrilled to have helped Bob & Carol realize their dream of building a large family retreat on a beautiful lake, and very grateful for the kind words they have for us:

Atlantic Custom Homes, Inc. did a tremendous job for me and my family regarding our new lake house built in Sheffield, MA. I have a fair amount of building experience and was able to understand procedures and details of the building process. However, it really was not needed because Jan and Greg were able to simplify the process and have me fusoc on the important decision points. I accepted most of their recommendations and was able to obtain building permits within a couple of months.

I was able to use Lindal’s in-house architectural and engineering services and save a lot of time and money. Greg and I were able to define the “big picture” regarding my requirements and Lindal was able to “connect the dots” very efficiently and effectively. The quality of the building materials exceeded my expectations. Many of these materials would not be available at the same quality level on the East Coast. Sometimes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Please see for yourself!

Thanks Jan and Greg for a great job! I highly recommend your services.”


Sheffield, MA

A custom Lindal Elements home by Prairie Cedar Homes in Western Canada.

Prairie Cedar Homes Lindal Elements home in Western Canada.

The first time Tom and I built a Lindal we customized a small footprint to work perfectly for a young couple. The second time around square footage was still a concern, but we needed space for our two children, my parents, and lots of company.

We started out on Plan A, and after more edits than I want to count, wound up building Plan O. The home is perfect for modern life! My parents have their own space, yet they’re close enough to help get the kids to school in the morning, and the second kitchen makes cooking holiday dinners a snap.

The post and beam construction shows off the exceptional woodwork and open concept. We love our Lindal!


Lindal Dealers – Douglas Pocha and Barbara Pocha
Prairie Cedar Homes, Western Canada

It’s been a little over a year since Sandra and I finished our Lindal Cedar Home. It looks great and we have really enjoyed spending time there. It was the right decision and Majestic Peaks did a fabulous job. It was a truly great experience from start to finish. We recommend Brent and Stephanie from Majestic Peaks and Lindal Cedar Homes to anyone looking to build. The quality was excellent and the folks were great.
John and Sandra
Montrose, Colorado

I Love Lindal author here… it was brought to our attention that there is one dealer in particular in Montrose, CO who has racked up some really great reviews on the web site Once you’re done here, you can go read the comments that are left by the actual customers (since this site relies on those customers to contact us if they want to have their comments listed – in fact, one of the reviews we’ve posted here posted there first, and the customer asked us to post their review here as well!).

I’ve read all of the “reviews” posted online about Lindal, and I don’t recall any of the problems discussed so thoroughly in those reviews, so I feel compelled to write my own. One important aspect of cedar homes isn’t mentioned by Lindal. We tend to think that our beautiful cedar siding will last forever, always looking beautiful.

But cedar has to be repeatedly stained, it tends to wear unevenly, and eventually it turns very dark. Areas where rain water has dripped will be dark and stained. Then those of us with older cedar homes are faced with the question: Is it time to paint over our cedar clapboard? The answer will probably be “Yes,” especially since after 20 years we are in the older age group and maintaining stained cedar is either too much trouble for us or too expensive to have the work done by someone else.

So now I’m the proud owner of a painted Lindal Cedar Chalet. But the house and windows have worn well. Only one window clouded up within the 10-year warranty period, and was replaced by Lindal. A large window in a store door failed after 17 years with water leaking between the glass panes.. I’m living with it. I’ve read that all double or triple paned windows will ultimately fail, so I can be grateful that my large prow windows are still all “good.” At least they were good before the recent power washing prior to the paint job. The rainy season is yet to come here in California.

Oh, one more problem for California residents. The oil stain we originally put on our cedar is now illegal, and often no longer manufactured. This is the main reason to transition from oil based stain to latex paint. But I still think it’s best to keep the original unpainted cedar if the homeowner can maintain it with cleanings and repeated stain jobs.

We had dreamed of building a Lindal Home for decades, and our time finally arrived. We were fortunate to have the help of the experienced and professional Dealers in Montrose, CO. Both are Civil Engineers and the design process was very organized and fun. Best of all the materials provided were very high quality. The warmth of the western red cedar trim and the exposed beams is noticed every time we enter the house. We love it, we love coming home. Our builder was excellent and advised Lindal ‘made it easy,’ with the detailed plans and itemized materials. Our experience was great. We’d highly recommend building a home with both Lindal and the Dealers in Montrose, CO.

-Tom in Montrose, CO